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Film Director David Fincher once said, “Being a jack-of-all-trades and knowing your way around all phases, roles, and tools of film production is going to not only make you an asset on-set, but it’s going to keep you independent and free to create the films that you want to create, because you can rely on your own knowledge and skill to get things done.”

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I’m a perpetual apprentice in all things digital media, it’s afforded me a lifetime of real opportunities for which I’m grateful! Here’s a brief road trip…

A decade ago when I came upon a fork in the road in digital media production. Taking a chance, I created an experimental podcast called “Alaska Podshow,” when “Podcasting” hadn’t hit the mainstream yet. Over the next two years it quickly matured into Alaska HDTV, where I filmed, edited, and syndicated a series of Alaska travel shows to millions via Podcast. This hometown podcast had grown-up into a bigger distribution machine, landing a cable show on Time Warner’s Travel Channel and other television media outlets. Opportunities continued to grown with recognition, which catapulted me into working for big production houses like Pangolin Pictures, SPIEGEL TV, 44 Blue, NatGeo Wild, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel to name a few.

Outside my work, I’m a single father of two fantastic kids. My family has been in Alaska forever it seems, five generations and counting in fact. Pretty amazing I think, and explains why I love my home so much! There’s no where that I’d rather travel than my own State, and I’ve been fortunate to share it with so many.

Welcome to my new base camp! I’ll continue to share my adventures in photography, film, and all things digital media. I hope you’ll follow me where I go!

– Scott Slone

The Artist March 20, 2016
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