Private Photo Tours and Instruction

Alaska is a big place offering more beautiful and wild destinations than one can hope to pre-package for visitors. This is why I offer Private Photo Tours and Instruction, help guide you into our Alaska wild places and make great pictures. If you have specific destinations or subjects you’d like to photograph, we can make it happen to fit your budget from single day or multi-day tours.

We’re professional locations guides with logistical experience that has propelled Planet Earth Adventures into Alaska’s top rated tour company on Trip Advisor, and my career in film and television. We have extensive knowledge about our wildlife, landscapes, seasons and the technology. Photo tours also include instruction to fit your needs from photography to software post production.

If you’re traveling with family or friends that are non-photographers, they’re welcome to come along with an adjusted tour rate.

Questions or Call to book a trip 907-717-9666 or 907-331-4361

Private Photo Tours September 28, 2016