Denali Highway Photo Tour and Workshop – Aug. 26 to Sept. 1

$6,550 per person / Book Today (907) 331-4361 or (907) 717-9666

The Denali Highway Photo Tour is one of our most diverse photo adventures. A photographic adventure that will take you across glacial terrain, across untouched wilderness and landscape’s as vast as they are colorful. We’ll take you face to face with some of Alaska’s biggest mountains, historic buildings, and wildlife.

If you’re seeking real adventure, and photographs captured by few that venture off the beaten path! We’ve been traveling this route for the last five years and know these locations and the opportunities possible in all weather conditions.

Tour Itinerary – All Inclusive 6-Day

[Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner]

DAY 1: Glaciers
We’ll depart Anchorage for a full-day professionally guided glacier adventure where we’ll have the opportunity to hike out on the glacier. Glacial landscapes include being able to photograph ice climbers, crevasses, caves, pressure ridges and moulin’s. We’ll depart and continue on to our lodge, after dinner we’ll review photos and go over editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom.

DAY 2: Old Denali Highway
We’ll make our way out to the Denali Highway, the entrance of this highway offers your first experience of vast wide open spaces. About ten miles in, we’ll loose cell connectivity and be without for several days. We’ll have a satellite phone with us if needed, but this is truly nice to be off the grid! We’ll spend the day photographing location on our way our lodge. Since this is a long day, you’ll be free to enjoy the surroundings and if sunset is looking good we’ll present a few location opportunities. Light instruction support available for anyone editing tonight, we’ll always be around to help with techniques and address any photography questions you may have.

Day 3: Old Denali Highway
After breakfast we’ll discuss the days locations and review what we can expect. As we hit the road we’ll be on the lookout for Caribou, Moose, Bears and Swans on the lakes we’ll visit. There will be opportunity for big landscape and mountain shots as we make our way down the highway. Once we arrive at our next lodge, we’ll unpack, grab lunch. After lunch we’ll make our way to several locations for late afternoon light and sunset.
Light to moderate hiking on uneven terrain of no more than 1 mile may be required for some opportunities.

Day 4: Old Denali Highway
After breakfast we’ll brief on the days locations, photography expectations for the day. We’ll visit historic structures, lakes, foliag, look for caribou, moose and bears. Today we’ll teach you techniques for location scouting as we plan for our sunset shoot along the Alaska Range.

Day 5: Early AM departure, Finish Denali Highway
The final leg of this adventure will take us off the Denali Highway to hidden lodge where we’ll setup camp for one night. By now we’ve been living rustic, working the epic landscapes the Denali Highway had to offer and decent relaxation in some luxurious lakeside cabins. After a delicious meal, we’ll move to the great room to enjoy reviewing photos, revisiting editing techniques and the basics of copyright.

Day 6: Early AM departure, Sunrise in Denali National Park
After breakfast we’ll packup and drive partway into Denali National Park for some landscape photography. You’ve now traveled to Denali National Park as they did back in 1957, as you’ve witnessed it has been much more scenic than the way in today. After lunch, we’ll make our way to the scenic and historic town of Talkeetna. The drive offers many great locations to photograph Denali, streams, lakes, and landscapes. Talkeetna is a very photogenic town featuring old town structures, aircraft, rivers, streams, climbers and if weather cooperates Denali can be witnessed towering over town.

Note: Weather permitting, mountain flight may be added on afternoon of Day 6, or early part of Day 7.


Day 7: Depart back to Anchorage
After breakfast we’ll take some time on your own around town, then it’s off to Anchorage where we’ll conclude our adventure, which is by far the hardest part of our tours!

Denali Highway Photo Tour and Workshop March 9, 2017