Tourism Video Production Services

Providing great Alaska destinations video production services for businesses. Connect your audience by engaging them through professional video production for the web, social media, trade shows, or television.

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Video Production and Editing Services

  • Feature an introduction about your lodge, guides, and landscape.
  • Showcase activities at your destination.
  • Convert your pictures into a sideshow video with music.
  • Produce a commercial for the web or television.

Television Production Samples

Short Format Production Samples

Alaska Experience Reel Samples

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Approach to your Story

Every great Alaska destination has a story, which is where I like to start. It’s here where I will scout and learn about your great Alaska experience. We’ll begin developing a production outline and message that conveys your experience to the audience you seek to reach.

Video Distribution Solutions

Advanced Content Delivery
I provide powerful content distribution solutions, which offer quality embeddable players that provides your viewer data down to the zip code if you like. Take it a step further, you can serve different versions of your video depending on the geographic location of your audience seamlessly.

Standard Content Delivery:
On platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, HTML 5 or the like, I can prepare digital media for the maximum quality of each platform. YouTube and Vimeo also support 4K media and provide key metrics they’re no longer wimpy distribution points.


I have worked in television, film, and podcasting for the past 10 years, and worked as one of two leading search engine and digital media strategists in Alaska. My clients ranged from University, Hospitals, College, Fortune 500 companies, to my all-time favorite Small Businesses. I used my collective experience and launched Alaska’s first award winning video podcast, which served millions around the world for 6 years. I have worked passionately to be positive force of influence in our travel industry to change how our tourism industry produces and distributes content online.

Alaska Tourism Video Production June 14, 2016