About Scott Slone

Raised by a long line of Alaskans and pioneers, Scott Slone was born in Anchorage, Alaska in November 1968, which is still his home. Slone has been a lifelong learner and craftsman in all things digital media for two decades which is a remarkable testament to the demand for his experience.

Scott rose to the world stage with a pioneering digital media organization in Alaska HDTV. Delivered to millions of people around the world, Alaska HDTV was Alaska’s first and most viewed digital channel showcasing the landscapes, wildlife, and people of Alaska. Alaska was an essential part of his production message and coined the famous phrase “Keeping Alaska Wild”.

Slone is sought after by international production houses such as Pangolin Pictures, SPIEGEL TV, 44 Blue, NatGeo Wild, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and History Channel.

Preserving and celebrating our wild places remains at the heart of what Scott does. He continues to support the conservation of the Alaskan wilderness by contributing through his work to local conservation and conservation organizations.

Connecting Brands & Productions

Scott Slone has been sponsored by the Audubon Society, Canada Goose, Alaska Airlines, and Bank of America in connecting their brand to wild places and culture. And produced for the following production companies and channels.


Scott Slone

Photo credit: Albert Marquez / DiscoverAk.com

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