Photo Tip: Storytelling in Photography

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard not to get excited to hit the trail. If you’re on a photo trek, consider telling your story by documenting your adventure. In this short video I introduce my approach on one of my favorite winter photo treks!

Points for telling your story:

  • Consider sharing the preparation of your trek or trip, like packing and logistics.
  • Document the travel, you may not use it, but at least you have it should anything exciting happen along the way that really makes the adventure noteworthy.
  • Don’t forget the establishing shots that mark the beginning of your adventure. What does all the gear look like? What’s the weather like? Are there any landmarks identify your destination or location? How about signage?
  • While you’re photographing in route to your final destination, don’t forget some trail shots. If your trek is going to be a workout, it’s always fun to show how dirty we get along the way!
  • You’ve arrived to the big location! If you’re the first one on there, sometimes getting a shot of the landscape untouched will add more to your story. After all the beautiful shots have been taken… Don’t forget to have a little fun by taking selfies, hero shots and the like.

Always remember the beginning, middle and end. Humanize your adventure, because that authenticity really connects people to the experience and the winning photo.  Look for a video on this topic coming soon!

Have a tip I missed? Please share in the comment section below – Thanks!