Landscape Photography Magazine Winner

Landscape Photography Magazine / Feb. 2018 Issue Winning Photograph

I’m pleased to share that I won the Landscape Photography Magazine’s “Winter Vision” photography contest. You can view and purchase a print of this image here: “Sunrise on the Bering Sea”

Landscape Photography Magazine is one of my favorite photography magazines to read, mainly because I have a lot of respect for the community of contributors, and photographers that submit their work. In this issue Photography Contest, I decided it was time to put my work out for the first time to be judged. I never expected to win, which is exactly what happened!

My year subscription was extended and I walked away with $100, but more than anything it was validating to the passion I put into my photography. It is important to put yourself out there, be open to criticism, and the learning experience you gain from it.

Really grateful for this experience, and I’ll be participating in more of these down the road. After all I can’t be my own worst critic. ;) If you have not checked out Landscape Photography Magazine, I highly recommend subscribing!

Onward and Upward,
Scott Slone