Welcome to the Alaska Podshow

Music in this show is made possible by:

Geoff Smith
Album: That’s Gravity
Website: http://thegeoffsmith.com

Artist: Loo & Placid “Watch Out Roxanne” & DJ Morgoth “You & Sail”
Website: http://mashuptown.com

Teaching Kids Photography
Read more about teaching your kids photography in the recent blog post.

Recommended Websites

National Geographic “Your Shot”
Website: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com
This is primarily for adults, however I’ve used their Assignments & Stories section to gather ideas for our own photowalks. I also entered my Son’s photo into one of their assignment because I felt it was that good.

National Geographic “MyShot for Kids”
Nope they didn’t forget about the next generation of super fantastic photographers and storytellers.
Website: http://kids-myshot.nationalgeographic.com

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