Photographer, Travel Guide, and Educator

Welcome to Scott Slone Photography. I am a freelance travel and documentary photographer who has had the privilege of traveling all over Alaska and beyond. I was brought up by a long line of Alaskans and pioneers. Even though I grew up here, every time I hear the word Alaska I get a surge of excitement to grab my camera gear and go!

Photography Workshops

Scott Slone has partnered with top adventure travel company Planet Earth Adventures, with the goal of using great adventure sites as premium classrooms for teaching photography. Together, we offer unique workshops of one or more days for all levels. We invite you to join us from Alaska, Oregon, the Smoky Mountains, to learn and take beautiful photos of our wild and natural landscapes. Visit our Photography Workshops.

Production Support

Scott has over a decade of experience in adventure travel, documentaries, and human interest films. Born and raised in Alaska, he comes from a long line of Alaskans and this local knowledge has been harnessed by production companies around the world. Local knowledge means knowing our surroundings, sights, sounds, people, landscapes, and wildlife, which provides a great opportunity for productions to be on budget, and on time.

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